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Karen Boies

Shopping for mortgages can be time consuming and an unforgettable costly mistake, if you do it by yourself.  That is why more and more Canadians are relying on a licensed Mortgage Broker professional to guide them through the process of securing their mortgage. 

This is likely the most expensive purchase of an asset and the largest debt to you are taking responsibility for.  You need to be working with a professional who will educate, support  and guide you throughout the process of finalizing your mortgage.

I have helped hundreds of clients in the past 12 years to, reach their goals, clean up their credit score and prepare their finances, so they could buy the home or investment property they wanted,  when they found the “one” they “had to have!”   As an independent licensed mortgage professional, I  have access to a variety of banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and alternative lenders, to help you, secure mortgage financing, that saves you money over the lifetime of paying your mortgage.

I am not committed to working with one bank or credit union. After making sure I understand your mortgage needs and long-term goals, I will present you with some options and ultimately you will choose the mortgage which is best for you and your family.

I work for you, not the lender. I am paid a commission by the bank, mortgage company or credit union, that provides you with the mortgage financing.  If an alternative lending solution is your best option, then I do need to charge you a standard lending fee.  I will always disclose to you, in advance, if I need you to pay a fee for my professional help.

If you already own a home or investment property I can help you to access your equity to maximize your investment strategies, such as maximizing your RRSPs, buying a rental property, buying a vacation home, reducing costs of existing debts or improving your cash flow.  Reach out to me to discuss the solutions that will help you most.    I  am also certified to help you with Reverse Mortgages. If you are 55 or older and want to stay in your home, buy a new home and be debt free, call me to discuss your options.

When you commit to working with me, you get …

  • Someone who will educate you on the hidden costs of Canadian Mortgages  and the costs of buying a home or investment property
  • I will help you save your hard-earned money, for the other things in life that are important to you
  • A mortgage that is the best fit for your needs and your long-term goals
  • A mortgage with the lowest possible mortgage rate, that saves you money today and when it is time renew your mortgage
  • A mortgage with the best terms, features and pre-payment options
  • Make sure you understand “penalties” in case life happens and you need to sell or refinance, before the mortgage term is up

Fitness keeps me physically, spiritual and mentally well, so I am present to help you when you need me.

If I sound like someone whom you’d feel comfortable sharing your private financial information and goals with and you think we would be a good fit to work together, please feel comfortable to call, text or 604-726-9550 or email karen@citywidemortgage.ca.

I am happy to help you!

Karen Boies


Our Vision Statement:

Through teamwork and “SPIRIT”, our vision is to be successful and the most respected Mortgage Company in our market.


  • We will provide our customers with a level of service that exceeds their expectations.


  • We deliver excellence through hard work and continued education.


  • We will always do the right thing.


  • We take ownership & hold ourselves accountable for all our actions.


  • Our customers must love and trust us.


  • We will always express our gratitude for the opportunity to earn a client’s trust and their business.

Why Use City Wide Mortgage Services?

  • City Wide Mortgage Services has a diverse group of dedicated mortgage brokers to serve your needs and find you the best mortgage rates.
  • Our brokers are available to meet your needs seven days a week.
  • City Wide Mortgage Services has members who can communicate in Cantonese, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Farsi, and Punjabi.
  • For traditional qualified applications, our services are available to you at no fees (we are compensated by our lenders, who pay us finder’s fees).
  • We can save you time and money by searching our wide variety of lenders to find you the best mortgage to suit your needs.
  • We adhere to high standards of ethics and professionalism, with all of our mortgage specialists operating under the provincial statutes of British Columbia and Federal laws of Canada.
  • City Wide Mortgage Services has the experience of handling an average of 800 mortgage transactions per year.
  • City Wide Mortgage Services has the advantages of being ‘small’ and ‘big’ at the same time:
    • Small, close-knit family of mortgage brokers ensures personal service.
    • Access to a large number of lenders and mortgage packages through Dominion Lending Centres networks.

We are proud of helping our clients get the best mortgage packages through our hard work and care for our clients. We will always express our gratitude for the opportunity to earn a client’s business – that’s our promise to you!


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