What my clients say

Thank you so much for helping in getting my mortgage with the best rate at the time. You made the process really easy for me, I always felt you had my interest at heart.
Also you were very available and you always answered my questions thoroughly and quickly. You really know your stuff, and gave me always good advice. You sent me a lot of documentation so I can refer to it during the process.
My biggest fear was to miss a step or miss a date. Sometimes I was overwhelmed by all the information, but I felt that you had my back, and you would have reminded me if I was missing something.
You enunciate well that allowed me to understand properly all the specific terms, that is important for the ESL people. And you explained all the terms that I didn’t understand.
Something I felt would have made me even more comfortable is a checklist with all the steps and the deadlines even the steps that are not your responsibility.
You already have something close to that where you describe all the big steps. At the end I wanted to be sure I ticked all the tasks.
I don’t know if it’s common practice but I also appreciated that you were in close contact with my realtor, I felt that we were all working together.
If I need your service again I will definitely request your help. And I will refer you to all my friends and acquaintances. You’re amazing.

Clarisse July 2020

I will always recommend you to my friends/ colleagues Karen as I think you do an amazing job to help people fit into a mortgage that is well suited for them.     You are always attentive Karen and you were able to find a mortgage that let me achieve what I wanted to.  You were timely with the process and with responses to any questions that I had.

Josephine – January 2021

“Thank you so much for all your work, dedication and availability for Melanie and myself.  I love that I can count on you to help my clients, it means a lot to me.”

Sincerely,  Carole Ducharme  Realtor- Sutton Group West Coast

Karen you are always so thorough in how you deal with your “people”. Thanks for your professionalism.

Nadine and Brian K

We just received your letter including visa card. Thank you once again for your excellent services and your best wishes. We will definitely refer you and will come to you if we need another mortgage.  


“We always have a fantastic experience with Karen – our first home financing and renewal were so fast and easy. Karen continuously ensures we get the best rates and terms and everything goes smoother and relaxed by keeping us in the loop on everything. It is nice to know that when we need advice, Karen is always there to help and provide the answers we need. Since the first time we met Karen, she became part of our family – an amazing, knowledgeable, energetic and very positive addition to our life. I recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for mortgage financing. Thank you, Karen, for always going above and beyond!”

“After speaking with several other mortgage brokers, I was absolutely blown away by Karen’s professionalism. It was refreshing to receive quick responses to my questions and emails and I was so happy to receive an excellent rate. I am even changing banks to her recommended service provider because of the service I received there as well. I will highly recommend Karen Boies to all my friends and family who are shopping for mortgages. Thank you Karen!!!”

“We worked with Karen as first-time buyers and were amazed at the service she provided us, so we worked with her again on our recent refinance. Karen takes time to listen and understand your situation, which then allows her to use her deep knowledge to find the best possible product for you. She’s not just a great mortgage broker, she’s a lovely human being who treats you with respect and is easy to reach. You won’t be disappointed working with Karen!”

Jesse and Geane  – January 2021

Thank you for everything!  I also want to say I highly recommend Karen as a Mortgage Broker!  As a first time home buyer you sourced a better rate than my own credit union offered me.  And then you stayed in touch and taught me what I needed to know to pay down my mortgage. Now it is renewal time and you did an even better job for me on my early renewal.  Amazing!  The quality of your services leaves others in the dust.  I recommend anyone buying or renewing their mortgage to get in communication with Karen,  


I want to thank you for your voicemail, and your letter with gift.  I was very fortunate to work with you and Tim and Karen, and it gives me great pleasure to know that as a team, Tim and Karen have a different view of realtors and selling.  I am so happy for them, and their place is great.   We could not have done it without you.  It was a pleasure to work with you, I think we made a great team.   Thank you again, and I appreciate you sending me some your business cards as well.  I will definitely keep you in mind with any buyers I have, and I will refer you to them                                             

Elizabeth Tillberg  Remax Colonial Pacific Realty

Karen, thank you for working so hard to find us such a great mortgage.  We are so excited to start this chapter of our lives together.  Thank you for being so amazing. Thank you for the visa gift card, that’s incredibly sweet and generous of you.   YOU ARE SO AWESOME! 

Tara & Carolyn

Support each others clients:   Karen is a wise, extremely smart, heart based woman who really walks her talk when it comes to empowering women financially. Her philosophy is that if women create a strong financial basis in their life it is easier for them to make good choices in their life. She is passionate about specializing in helping women going through divorce look at their mortgage options. She is a woman of great integrity. I highly recommend her! 

Duainta Eleniak

Thank you for all your help with this.  You made the process a lot less terrifying than it might otherwise have been.  First time home buyer.  

May H.

I met Karen through a friend and had remembered she was a mortgage broker. I happened not only to be selling my house and needing to purchase another, (requiring financing) but was also in the process of getting a divorce.   I had no experience with this and decided to give Karen a call to see if she could help me.    Karen was truly amazing through the entire process. I was dealing with lawyers and realtors who all talked as though I should be an expert on all of the things that were going on, the truth being I was walking through all of this blindly.  Karen on the other hand was not only patient, always available no matter the time (literally, even when she was on a beach across the world!) but took the time to explain things, advise me, caution me and worked her tail off to get me not only the best rates, but within timelines that were well unreasonable really. I always felt respected and that she truly had my best interest at heart.  As a result, I have a lovely new home, with manageable financing, none of this would have happened for me if it were not for Karen’s persistence, follow through, dedication to my needs, timelines and limitations. I would highly recommend Karen for all of these reasons! 


Karen Saved Us Thousands of Dollars On Our Mortgage!”

We had used a different broker last time, but wanted to give Karen a try, as we heard about her great reputation on helping people get the best mortgage possible.   We cannot stress enough the importance of selecting an informative broker.  Not only has Karen spent countless hours on our behalf, but she ended up saving us thousands of dollars by getting us the lowest interest rate on the market.  We highly recommend Karen, as you will be assured efficient, knowledgeable service! “  

Rebecca and Scott

Karen did an awesome job of listening to me and understanding what I was asking for her to see if it could be done. She set things up quickly – ALWAYS replied in a professional and easy to work with manner and I will refer friends or people I know to her for their mortgage needs in a heartbeat. Karen Boies is awesome and helped me get through any bumps in the road along the way in a friendly and quick manner! 

Roberta L

Thank you for everything. You’ve been so kind and patient with us throughout this home buying process. You made us feel reassured that we would making a good choice in this challenging market and were always there when we needed you.   

Morgan Z and Nick B

I hired Karen as my mortgage broker this year (2011).  Having known Karen’s high business ethics and integrity I knew before we began I could totally rely on her ability to get a great job done for me.  I was not disappointed and in fact, when I hit a snag I didn’t like Karen immediately took on the challenge and creatively came up with another option I loved.   I highly recommend Karen’s work as a mortgage broker and encourage you or anybody you know that is looking for someone to get you the best deal around please go with Karen!  Even better, if you are still dealing with banks like I used to please check out Karen’s business before you sign anything with the bank!  You, like I, will NOT be disappointed in the detailed, creative, and high level service you receive  

Consultant, Barbara Sharp Solutions

When I recommended Karen to my clients recently I knew she would do a fantastic job as I’ve worked with her before. What I didn’t realize was how much my clients noticed how she went above and beyond every step of the way. She provided professional service with a personal touch, always taking time out of her day to explain everything to my clients and making sure the process of buying and selling at the same time went as smoothly as possible. I cannot say enough about her commitment to her clients whether they are first-time buyers or seasoned clients, she always goes above and beyond. I will certainly recommend her to my future clients!! 

Jane Langton Realtor

Hi Karen, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the professional way you helped me with my mortgage. I find this process so stressful that I don’t know what I would have done without you. I really appreciate your hard work, including the way you kept me posted, your (as usual) efficient way of dealing with complex issues and most of all you kept me informed and calm during this process. One other thing you did for me is you took a look at my financial situation around this mortgage so that I was able to make some important decisions.

Because you did all the work the pressure was not on me. My experience dealing directly with Banks and Banks and Credit Unions with my other Mortgages was not good as they were not clear and helpful to me. Further, they would wait until the last minute and I would then be running around trying to get them what they needed. You directed and advised me in a calm, professional manner and I was able to pull my end of it together in an organized way with absolutely no stress.   Thank you so much, you are amazing and I will recommend you to everyone I know.


Just finished signing paperwork with lawyer for my new home, his comment about my mortgage rate was, this is the best rate I have seen in awhile you better sign this before they change their mind. I told him I got the rate through my mortgage broker Karen Boies,  the best service, she did all the work and got me the best rate. I’m not just saying this because she is my sister but because if you want the best rates use a broker. I then went to my bank to get some papers from them they also said they could not beat that rate that my broker, Karen Boies got for me. Tks 


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